International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2016)

Integrating an oral literature pedagogical model into the Nigerian school system: The Freirean imperative

Author(s): Francis Mowang Ganyi, Dr. Uwem Affiah
Abstract: Advancement in life requires knowledge andrnunderstanding of the environment, knowledge systems and ethno-historicalrnantecedents of one’s culture. Education and knowledge acquisition is thereforernconcerned with the study of being or ontology. Africans and those interested inrnAfrican studies therefore need knowledge of African world view and cosmologyrnwhich is encapsulated in the Oral narratives of African peoples. There is, asrnsuch, a need to educate African children at an early age to recognize thernimportance of African culture and to maintain and propagate it. This paperrntherefore focuses on an examination of the relevance of Paulo Freire’s popularrneducation pedagogical model with a view to determine how it can aid or enhancernacquisition of knowledge about Africa and Africans. It argues that thernpedagogical model emphasizes liberation which will ensure the freedom of thernAfrican psyche from dependency on Eurocentric paradigms for interpretingrnreality to enable Africans acquire and emphasize knowledge about Africanrnlanguages, environment and culture. The paper therefore concludes thatrnintegrating African Oral literature into the school system, the Kenyan style,rnas a core curriculum will go a long way in enhancing the teaching of Africanrnknowledge systems which will not only ensure the liberation of our enslavedrnmentalities but will, as well, invigorate studies in African culture andrnenvironment necessary for the sustenance of African identity and personality
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