International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2016)

Modern myth and magical face shifting technology in Girish Karnad Hayavadana and Nagamandala

Author(s): Shyalaja KS
Abstract: This paper intends to focus on which Girish Karrnad adopted the fine bi-technological blending of modern myth and magical face shifting ways in Hayavadana and Nagamandala. The embellishment techniques of art and imagination expose the mundane reality of the other. In fact the assumption of the form cannot find in reality. Girish Karnad employed his face shifting technique by choosing the title Hayavadana, as the name suggests, It is man with horse’s head (Haya= horse and vadana = face). In Nagamandala, the characters Story, flames and Naga have an existence of their own by using the face technique. Both the dramas reconstructs without any modern gadgets or animation but with the re-enactment of the ancient myth. The face shifting technology made Karnad's characters to be ambiguous, diverse creatures that seem rigid stereotypes at a glance but turn out to be imbued with myriad shades of personality. Chastity becomes a myth to Rani and Padmini. Their chastity is spiritual or psychological. The playwright seems to convey a new revolutionary attempt of chastity for these two women. Karnad’s clever shape shifting technology confront electronic images. It grapples with technology by the animal which triumphs over the best in man. Thus both the plays is a triumph of technology and timings. The mixture of Mythological and historical, turned out to be technological with the tool of face shifting. He has blended issues such as love, identity and sexuality with mythical folk culture and modern technology.
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