International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2016)

Impact of multiculturalism in Mistry’s novel Such a Long Journey

Author(s): Dr. Sheetal Bajaj
Abstract: The present research paper centers on the Impact of multiculturalism in Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey. Multiculturalism is a social theory that makes out and respects minority cultures which have been tormented from social inequality, barring marginalization, dispossession, displacement and social bias. The paper predominantly deals with Parsi community and their sufferings and impact of multiculturalism on them while living in the multicultural society. It also tries to symbolize social concord among the people from diverse community. Multiculturalism tries to make agreement in the nation and in a nutshell it is ‘unity in diversity’. The very paper also analyzes a prominent work of contemporary south Asian Canadian male author in order to bring out the significance of trans-cultural outlook in multi-cultural society like India. The very work highlights the recent debates about the limited possibility of the multicultural pattern as well as several mechanisms which heighten trans-cultural communication. Multiculturalism portrays the presence, acknowledgment or advancement of different social conventions inside a solitary ward, generally considered as far as the way of life connected with an ethnic gathering. This can happen when a locale is made or extended by amalgamating zones with two or more distinctive societies (eg-French Canada and English Canada ) or through migration from various purviews around the globe (eg-Australia, United States, United Kingdom and numerous different nations.) Multicultural belief systems and approaches shift generally, going from the backing of equivalent regard through the different societies in a general public, to an arrangement of advancing the upkeep of social assorted qualities, to strategies in which individuals of different ethnic and religious gatherings are tended to by the powers as characterized by the gathering to which they have a place." We generally endeavor to homogenize a culture and force a personality on it since we know that each culture is inside plural and separated. We comprehend that all societies are conceived out of association and are molded by more extensive financial, political and different strengths. This refutes the very premise of Afro anti-extremism, Euro anti-extremism, Indo-centrism and different sorts of centrism’s, all of which confine the historical backdrop of the way of life from others and credit its accomplishments to its own virtuoso. From a multiculturalists' point of view, no political belief system can speak to the full truth of human life. Each of them – progressivism, conservatism, communism, or patriotism is inserted in a specific culture, speaks to a specific vision of the great life and is restricted and incomplete. Progressivism is the case of a moving political regulation giving weight on incredible estimations of human poise.
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