International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2016)

The representation of the marginalized in the play seven steps around the fire by Mahesh Dattani

Author(s): Ashish Sangwan
Abstract: The term hijras in our country have no respectable identity in public. They are on the margins of the society and not given much importance. As they have no protection, no acceptance and no security from the prejudices of the people of the Society. They are discriminated all over the world and the term for them is used ‘It’. They are accepted in the society on two occasion Child birth and arriages to sing and dance. The discrimination against them is often turning into violence. In the society, male and females- these are only two categories which has approved by the society so there is no space for hijras. Those who do not fit into two classes, have to suffer from social exclusion, contempt and isolation from the society. The community of Hijras is socially, legally and politically marginalized and victimized in the society. They are not permitted to carve their own way beyond the patterns recommended and accepted by the society. Mahesh Dattani gives chance to hijras community to articulate their feelings and predicaments in the English theatre through his play Seven Steps around the Fire. Mahesh Dattani presents the harsh reality and the status of the hijras community and presents that how they are put on the margins of the society. The whole play revolves around the mystery of the murder of hijras named Kamla, who secretly married to minister’s son. The role of the police, politicians and the society, is questioned.
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