International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 3 (2016)

Culture and its introspective issues in Chetan Bhagat’s novels

Author(s): Dr. Vadivelraja R
Abstract: This paper focuses on culture issues in chetan Bhagat’s novels. He is one of the most popular contemporary Indian novelists in Indian English Literature. He has portrayed young dynamic and modern Indian youth culture, trying hard making them successful in their lives. He is gifted with an extraordinary ability to deal with various aspects of human life. His popularity as a writer is basically on his intimate understanding of human nature in different perspectives. His novel deals with different postcolonial perspectives from culture issues. He has raised certain culture issues like communal riots, religion, bias, misguiding the youth by politician etc. He writes on dark topic, still hold modern culture. He brings about corporate culture is a term used to describe beliefs and a value system that provides its unique taste and attitude to a friendship in Cosmo-culture the condition of youth is very pathetic. In this world of Cosmo-culture, everybody is involved in an extra marital relationship etc. In his novel “One Night @ the Call Center bring is modern culture in India. Today in India youngster may keep unsocial hours, neglect his family obligations, drink excessive cocktails and date each other with a casualness that horrifies parents. Everybody wants high salary, fashionable life style. The call center is only a representative place of modern India. The youth is teased by the modern culture and facilities. They are our country’s most productive western culture. Chetan Bhagat brings interreligious marriage in India is well known for its varied cultural heritage as it is known for the lively and traditionally various marriage “2 States the story of my marriage” Though the idea is most realistic modern trend, it draws attention to cultural differences in diverse India. . India requires a deep understanding of culture and diversely of mankind religious and languages. It’s mythical, supernatural often contradicting, yet fascinating journey through western culture. Chetan Bhagat truly captures the spirit of modern culture.
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