International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2016)

Kamadhenu Mahatvam: (Importence of Panchagavyas)

Author(s): Dr. SH Kakhandaki
Abstract: The Cow is the Centre of our Attention, Our Mother Cow is treated as mother in India as it bestows life milk to the public and inevitable aid in essential agricultural operations. Apart from that cow is a pious symbol of great Indian religious culture that has gained universal fame During the Vedic age, truth and wisdom were the two fundamental concepts of Dharma. Devotion to the cow is but a part of attaining these. Maharshi Bharadwaja has this to say about the Gosukta in Rigveda: Cows are our wealth. To me, cows are like Indra and other gods. The cow is the first gulp of Somarasa. I love with all my heart and mind, the cow, Indra’ representative. The literal and spiritual meanings of the cow are contained together in the mantra. In literature of the later day, the puranas, the smritis, and the dharmasastras, devotion to the cow has been explicitly demonstrated. Killing a cow was seen as a great sin. In the first mantra of Gosukta in Atharvaveda, in ancient literature of India, in the Astadhyayi of Panini, land for the cows to move about was mentioned along with agricultural land. Cattle used to be the measure of estimating the prosperity of any nation. During the age of Smritis, panchagavya was very much in vogue. It was deemed to be a holy prasada. The life history of Gopalakrishna made an indelible impact on Indian values. In Sikh, Jain and Buddhist works, mercy and nonviolence to all living creation, have been advocated. Rishabhadeva is no other than Adinatha, the parabrahman. On the coins obtained from Indus valley and Harappa, we find the image of Rishabha. The Samaveda says “sada gavah suchayo viswadhayasah” ‘sarve janah sukhino bhavanthu’ (all must live happily, in good health, and good cheer) would be beyond their comprehension. Conclusion: Today’s society ignores the cow-mother who showers wealth and prosperity. Govenments do not bother. The greedy indulge in cow slaughter as a political game. Rivers of blood of the cow mother flow in a glorious country where once rivers of milk flowed. She takes pity on the ignorance and folly of her own people who mock at her. Still, the mother is not angry. Cow’s urine described in Charaka, Sustruta Samhita and many ancient works is very useful in treating and curing diseases. So we should describe the cow as a mobile hospital. Allopathy may be resorted to in cases of emergency. Treatment with cow’s urine is however comprehensive in its ability to treat diseases. Such a treatment is complete treatment. The molecular and microscopic effects on the cell are yet to be investigated into. Many more clinical studies have to be made. Go rakshati rakshita
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