International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2016)

Cultural spaces: A thematic reading of Jumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake

Author(s): Dr. Rashmi Singh
Abstract: Literature, as a product of culture becomes the source by which we would be awoken about the global scenario and multiculturalism. Good fiction embellishes facts and adds interesting layers to hold readers’ attention and make people aware about the contemporary society. Jumpa Lahiri a Pulitzer prize winner novelist have explored the identity crisis, racial and cultural conflicts, ethnicity, sense of belongingness, loneliness and alienation among the immigrants in the novel The Namesake. The paper discusses the term ‘Cultural Spaces in diasporic world’, its role and consequences in contemporary times. For every freedom won, a tradition is lost. For every second generation assimilated, a first generation in one way or another spurned. For the gains of goods and services, an identity gets lost, and uncertainty found. The paper discusses the major issues pertaining to the Indian Diaspora and raises socio-cultural and psychosomatic identity questions. Cultural cross-currents have led to a hybrid culture and a new process of cultural assimilation. A mixed cultural milieu opens up new vistas of communication and dialogue in this cosmopolitan world.
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