International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2017)

O’Neil’s the hairy ape and insane society

Author(s): Mumtaz Ali
Abstract: Man, from time immemorial is in search of a sane society. He is struggling to fashion out a beautiful society but he always behaves, thinks and acts in an insane manner. Man is sum total of his social system. He needs society for survival. Society gives man the sense of meanings of life. It provides support to man for survival. Man’s identity in this universe is a question which needs a satisfactory answer because he is always surrounded by people like him. This word “like” has a relation to class and community. In “The Hairy Ape” O’Neil discusses the issues of man’s identity and also how an insane society results in alienation of a person, not only from himself but also from all other people. If sane society makes a man, an insane mars him. Yank is an elaborated illustration in this case. Socio-economic conflicts and social protest are the points raised by the dramatist. This paper illustrates how, apparently a sane society was actually insane at core.
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