International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2017)

An exploration of students’ perceptions of the role of english teacher feedback as a motivator in a kurdish school context

Author(s): Talib Omer
Abstract: Motivation in education has widely been used by researchers and educators as a major factor in enhancing second language learning. There have been many studies carried out in foreign context to know how motivation affects language learning. Few of them have been conducted so as to understand the role of teacher's feedback as a motivator in learning English as a second language in Kurdistan of Iraq. This present study aimed to explore how teacher feedback as a motivator affects student's capability of learning English as L2 in school context. It is also aimed to investigate the issue of motivation in EFL in the Kurdish high school context. The gap has been noticed that students in secondary level in Kurdish context that they are rarely motivated to learn a L2 through providing feedback. With regard to data collection and analysis, the researcher focuses on qualitative and quantitative methods in order to understand in depth. The questionnaire was used as a research instrument, which started from general background to the most specific one. The results reveal that the vast majority of participants feel that their teacher's feedback play a significant role in their language learning. The findings also revealed that motivational feedback from their teacher are helping in continuing their studies. The researcher highly recommends that the Kurdish Government and, in particular, the Ministry of Education encourage teachers to provide positive feedback. The Ministry of Education should train English teachers to understand the significance of motivation and how to provide feedback to their learners.
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