International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2017)

The concept of oikos and ecological identity in Sarah joseph’s Gift in Green

Author(s): Riya Susan Scariah, Dr. Mathew P Joseph
Abstract: Oikopoetics or ecopoetics is poetics of the oikos which to the Greek meant “habitat comprising the spirits, humans and humans peculiar to it. A typical oikos could be regarded as a nexus in which the sacred, the humans natural and the cultural phenomena stood in relationship. There are three basic types of oikos-Integrative, Hierarchic and Anarchic Oikos. The primitive Indian Society strongly followed the integrative oikos this research paper aims at explaining the concept of oikos by analyzing the various oikos involved in the novel Gift in Green by Sarah Joseph. It is a place based novel set in Aathi, a self-sufficient place which lives in true harmony w3ith nature. The novel sketches how the harmony had been ruptured through the disruptive involvement of materialism. The slow shift from Integrative Oikos to Anarchic Oikos is discussed at length with special reference to the predatory paradigm –shift from agriculture to agri-business concept that has spoiled our land and water. The relevance of Ecological Identity comes in the novel as the characters empathize with the environment they inhibit. Ecological identities seem to emerge, in part at least, from direct experiences in nature that reframe individuals experiences of themselves in light of a connection to a natural world that is exogenous to culture or society.
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