International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 3, Issue 6 (2017)

Methods and Text in Translation (A case study Al-Baha university, college of science and arts, department of English language)

Author(s): Dr. Mohammed Ali Elsiddig Ibrahim, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abdulrahman Mansor, Egbal Abdallah Mohammed Taha
Abstract: The central problem of translating has always been whether to translate literally or freely. The argument has been going on since at least the first century BC Up to the beginning of the nineteenth century, many writers favored some kind of Tree1 translation: the spirit, not the letter; the sense not the words; the message rather than the form: the matter not the manner- This was the often revolutionary slogan of writers who wanted the truth to be read and understood. Since methods and text pose problem for translators, so this study aims at investigating the methods and text in translation that should be used by Saudi Arabia university students, College of Science and Arts AL-Baha University in academic year 2016-2017 during the second semester. The study also aims at disusing these methods and text type, showing the kind of methods, introducing translation different methods in details and suggest suitable method for translation. Also introduce text type Related to Translation.
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