International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 3, Issue 6 (2017)

Mind that sees and hears and is aware: An eco-critical thought on select works of Kamala Das

Author(s): Lt. Lovji KN
Abstract: Kamala Das exemplifies significant aspects of contemporary poetic sensibility which are essential both intrinsically and historically. Her honest investigations of the self, urban life, women in traditional Indian society, matters of post colonial identity and the political and personal struggles of the marginalized are woven with words in the background of a revealing ecology. The landscape and its features give soul to her poetry and it declares that Kamala Das truly belongs to the world. The two components of nature, organisms and their environment are not only complex and dynamic but also interdependent, mutually reactive and inter-related. Ecology is defined as the way in which plants, animals and people are related to each other and their environment. In this relationship they are very much interdependent on each other that any disturbance in one disturbs the other. The depiction of South Indian village culture and environmental settings in her poetry are a true depiction of relationship between man and nature. Yet it can be said that the writer may not have written with the thought of Ecology at all and it was just coincidental. The present paper reads the representation of nature and man in select poems that contrast the grandeur and permanence of nature with the transcience of human history.
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