International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2018)

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer: The true lover of nature

Author(s): Ajoy Thambi, Dr. Deepa Caroline D
Abstract: This paper deals with the dynamic bond between man and nature seen in the works of Basheer. Basheer is read in the light of the basic principles of eco-criticism. His life experiences compelled him to talk about the universal themes like nature preservation, afforestation and water conservation. Basheer gives a realistic representation of the life cycle of world. The universe itself is under a cyclic process which is extremely natural and symbiotic. No creature in the world is useless and they are striving at their level best to maintain the balance of the Eco system. Like a foreteller, Basheer remembers the rights of trees, birds and animals. It is an inheritance given by God. He made this prophecy many years before and now human beings are facing dangerous threats from Nature. Here Basheer is seen as his natural self, a man who understands the vastness of the universe and solitude as a micro particle in it,a universe in which he has to co-exist with animals, trees, rocks and birds as equal. Through his works, Basheer exalted the need of coexistence and giving equal importance to all thecreatures in the world.
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