International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2018)

Poetry and the acquisition of terminology in English as a foreign language

Author(s): Yahya Saleh Hassan Dahami
Abstract: The present research aims to try evaluating the significance of teaching poetry for EFL students, likewise, it aims to know to what extent teaching poetry contributes in fortifying, emphasizing and reinforcing terminology for students. Twenty Saudi students, who study ‘Appreciating Poetry’ of Level Five in the First Semester (1436/1437 AH - 2015) in Department of English, Faculty of Science and Arts - Al Mandaq, Al Baha University are estimated to be the samples of the task. The sample is subjected to two tests of three multi-various questions – a pretest and a posttest –for assessing language enrichment. The researcher employs SPSS to scrutinize the given data. The study opens with an introduction about the importance of poetry; supporting it with some definitions by some poets or critics, and then it is followed by literature review after that it, briefly, tells about the methodology used in the study. The main part deals with data analysis and discussion. The study concludes with the conclusion and recommendations. The findings of the study bring about some recommendations clarifying that studying poetry helps students in widening their background with significant terms and vocabulary. It enriches the skills of students and fortifying them to use different sources of language. The researcher, at the end of the study, puts forward several important recommendations that the study has resulted in.
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