International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2018)

Critical inquiry of “Twilight in Delhi” in the light of binary oppositions

Author(s): Wahid Pervez, Dr. Mubarak Ali Lashari
Abstract: The present paper intends to discuss binary oppositions in the characters of the novel “Twilight in Delhi”. The research focuses on representation of Delhi’s culture v/s English culture, family constructor v/s destructor, idealist v/s realist, romantic v/s unromantic and bold v/s shy. Binary opposition is the basic concept of structuralism, a theory of sociology, anthropology and linguistics. Binary opposition states that all elements of human culture can only be understood in relation to one another and how they function within a larger system or the overall environment. It explores the relationships between different groups of people, for instance: upper-class and lower-class or disabled and non-disabled. In the same fashion the present study has analyzed the characters of the novel to present their actual status in the light of binary opposition. On the surface, these seem like mere identifying labels, but what makes them binary opposites is the notion that they cannot coexist. Binary opposition in the characters highlights the ways of living, behavior, choice, like and dislike. The study also gives post-colonial touch because the theme of the novel is set in colonial period. English ruled over India and deliberately imposed their culture. The downfall of Delhi’s culture and adoption of English one is also the part of this research.
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