International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2018)

Interrelation between English language and literature: An overview

Author(s): Dr. Vipin Kumar Pandey, Dr. Punam Pandey
Abstract: The present paper is a moderate attempt to examine the significance of interrelation between English language and Literature. Today mushroom growth of scope in English language is perceptible all over the world. The reason behind this constant expansion of scope of English language is, today, global market that has increased the significance of English language for the effective communication. In other way it can be narrated that, in so many parts of the world, English projects an image in popular imagination which is established through the media (electronic and social), advertising and so on. Its practical necessity is not much realized. This spread is accepted as natural, inevitable, neutral and fruitful. This can be known as ‘English triumphalism’. But amidst this we cannot fail to praise the contribution of English literature in myriad ways. Both coexist, so we should realize how literature played and plays the active role in strengthening the position of English language in global society. Where English language is collective art of expression, literature is individual so none is less important. English Literature hoards the native aesthetic sources of speech which is very essential in spreading ardour of dialect. Literature presents the photocopy of contemporary society with all authenticity from the personal lance of poet/writer which can be experienced going through the works. Doing this appropriate words are set on the tongue of readers which can be used in brushing English language. Literature is treasure of situations, events, characters and so on which reveal before us real gestures, feelings and intonation which can be applied in learning English language. This way both can flourish together meeting the challenges of the global market. English ‘fosters cultural opportunity and promotes a climate of international intelligibility’. English is widely taught and used around the world; it is a convenient language for communication across national boundaries and in a wide range of professions.
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