International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2019)

The effect of digital storytelling on reinforcing reading and listening skills through video for EFL young learners at basic education in Sudanese schools, grade seven supervised

Author(s): Dr. Nada Sid Ahmed Eljack, Abdallah Elamin Suleiman Ahmed
Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the effect of using video to reinforce reading and listening skills of EFL young learners of grade seven in Khartoum North. The researcher used video to teach digital storytelling inside the classroom. The sample of this study included two groups: control group and has sat for pre-test while the experimental group sat for the post-test. The researcher used (Lucky Number) & (Lost ship) as teaching materials to digital storytelling. The duration of implementing the experiment of teaching digital storytelling lasted for twelve hours for two months. The purpose of designing the test is to reveal and assess the results of teaching storytelling that there are significant differences between the pre and post tests of teaching storytelling through video and through traditional methods. The researcher used SPSS to analyze the data collected. The findings of this paper showed that the use of the video and internet as an instructional method of digital storytelling was considered as the most effective tool in EFL young learners' reading and listening skills. The researcher recommended that teachers in both stages at basic and higher secondary schools should use modern technological tools as the means of teaching processes. Storytelling at basic schools should have to be activated inside the classroom because it improves learners' motivations and aptitude. Traditional methods should be discarded in teaching process.
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