International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2019)

Socio-cultural and linguistic problems in translation of Marathi plays into English

Author(s): Kangune Babasaheb Ramdas
Abstract: Translation is rendering of source language (SL) text into target language (TL). Translation is both linguistic and social activity. Good knowledge of source language as well as target language is the main prerequisite for translating any text from one language into another. Literary translation is a complex phenomenon. It is not a word for word translation. Translation of drama from one language into another is different experiment. Marathi literature has a very glorious past. Marathi plays have their special identity in a multi-lingual country like India. Translation of Marathi plays into English is challenging work. The researcher has translated four Marathi plays of Vasant Kanetkar into English. Language is the product of society. Any language in the world originates according to the need of that particular society. Therefore, social rituals, traditions, economic conditions, cultural practices, linguistic groups etc. affect the development of the language. All languages do not get equal socio-cultural and linguistic background. As a result, ‘translation’ does not remain merely linguistic activity, but it gives exposure to study the socio-cultural, political and historical background of the language. Taking into account socio-cultural and linguistic differences between languages, translator has to face problems while translating SL text into TL text. The present research paper is an attempt to focus on problems that occur while translating Marathi plays into English.
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