International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 5, Issue 3 (2019)

A paper on characteristics of effective teaching and teacher skills that create difference in students’ performances: what are the related literature and studies indicating?

Author(s): Hasan Bilokcuoğlu
Abstract: Today, it is a fact that anyone, who studies teaching at a relevant department and obtains a BA diploma, can become a teacher. Yet, here, at this point, the vital question to ask is that will s/he be able to become an ‘effective’ teacher?, because gaining the adjective ‘effective’ before the word ‘teacher’ is not an easy job and it is not as easy as an outsider may think. In fact, it is a very difficult and a very complicated process. Being an effective teacher requires various skills, in terms of both professionalism and characteristic features. It is obvious that having a full and in depth content knowledge is doubtlessly very important, but this is not the only one aspect of being an effective teacher. As the related literature points out, there are various aspects that involve in ‘effective’ teaching, such as setting up a warm classroom atmosphere, triggering high motivation, providing a more student-teacher interaction, having high skills in communication, not only verbally, but also non-verbally, and having high self-efficacy. As for personality features, the previously conducted studies demonstrate that effective teachers own the features like creativity, positive attitude, forgiving attitude, fairness, high expectations, accepting mistakes (Walker, 2008).
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