International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2019)

Developing critical thinking skill through OBE

Author(s): Khalilullah Tawhidyar
Abstract: This article basically focuses on major factors of critical thinking through outcome-based education and student centered learning in relation to the English Department of Parwan University EFL context. Critical thinking is one of the key point ignored in the higher education system and it is one of most important skills for students in twenty first. Critical Thinking helps teachers to pave the ground for student to produce knowledge rather than reproduce it. Process of producing knowledge requires the use of a range of critical skills such as reflective, creative, analytical, and problem solving thinking skills. Critical thinking comprises critical skills such as analyzing arguments, evaluating, reflecting on issues, making decisions, solving problems, judging, making inferences using deductive and inductive reasoning. Since critical thinking requires background knowledge but not necessarily in every given topic. So critical thinking empowers critical thought, cognitive skills and dispositions but today education system mostly engaged students in rote learning and memorization. The outcome of this mini research is to help both teachers and students to be critical thinker that causes improvement in their academic and social life. In one hand, it provides practical techniques and methods for engaging students critically in the process of teaching learning activities and second it contributes to the lecturers to have more space for the meaningful interaction of students and give expanded opportunities for every individual students to work in the class and give critical works to do in the real world and as a result students will be empowered to be critical thinker. Last but not least, this study contributes lecturers to encourage the development of critical thinking skills in their students and suggest best practices in assessing critical thinking skills. The method of this mini research paper is integration of library research and my personal experiences and realizations from my literature students. So this work highlights the reasons behind their absence of critical thinking and recommendations to ride off this challenge.
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