International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2019)

Supernatural elements in ben okri’s the Famished road

Author(s): Soniya
Abstract: Ben Okri’s The Famished Road portrays post-colonial Nigerian society. Various corrupting forces that hinder the growth of the nation are realistically portrayed in the novel. Social evils like racial discrimination, slavery, poverty, and famine are brought to lime light by Okri who skillfully reveals the stark reality by shadowing it with the supernatural elements. The young spirit child Azaro narrates the story. The story fluctuates between the real world and the spirit world. Though the narrative glides from illusion, hallucination, dreams, spirit, superstitious beliefs, the real crux of the novel lies in bringing out the stark reality of Nigerian society. Okri uses supernatural elements as a tool to implement social awareness to show the darker side of the society. He highlights how society is affected with the corrupt politicians, greedy society, slavery, racism and famine.
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