International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2019)

From realism to magic realism in Amy tan’s the hundred secret senses

Author(s): Vijay Laxmi
Abstract: Under the pressure and strong influence of a dominant host nation and its culture, immigrants have often gone through the struggle to mark their presence and importance on the land which is other than their land of origin. Immigrants and their culture, religion, philosophies, beliefs, values and traditions are generally weighed as shoddy and insignificant in the presence of a major community and its doctrines. To shed off this dominance, to speak out the unheard, to show the unseen, to remember the forgotten, to trace the lost connections with the motherland, to acquaint the second generation of Chinese immigrants with their roots, Amy Tan has fixed the focal upon China by keeping the host nation that is America at the margins of the story. The inclinations of her stories are seen lying towards everyday life in China. She makes the presence of China felt on every second page of her novel through Chinese beliefs in ghosts and spirits, connection of the life in present with the life in previous birth, philosophy of yin eyes etc. The major portion of her novel is occupied by China and its belief system; this conveys a kind of revolt against the dominant culture of the host nation. The presence of Magic and Realism in her work is knitted together in such a subtle way that the reader finds it difficult to doubt and question the authenticity of the content. The use of Magical Realism by Amy Tan has the potential to remind the readers of ST Coleridge’s “Willing suspension in disbelief.
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