International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2020)

Study of Arun Joshi novels' in a psychoanalytical approach

Author(s): T Durga Bhavani, Dr. K Usha Rani
Abstract: India has proffered a significant contribution to the global literature, particularly in the arena of fiction writing. Charismatic Indian writers laid an elegant foundation to the Indian English Literature. Every day new theories are coming up and the writers of work of art are adamant to apply them as devices of their novels. In fact the fictionalist explored the history in a more brilliant and delightful than the historian. Critically speaking, the fictionalist interprets the human aspects and peculiarities but not concerned with the historical significance. Indian English fiction has been involved in giving Indian expression of the modern predicaments and continues to reflect various ranges of issues like nationalism, social realism, freedom struggle and individual consciousness. The contemporary Indian fiction writers have been trying to give a new shape and color to Indian English fiction by portraying variegated pictures of life from various lands. Arun Joshi is one of the most brilliant Indian fiction writers who depicts modern man in his novels as hovering between despair and delusion. Different kinds of human relations are portrayed and analyzed through the different social settings. The novels of Arun Joshi guide us to the contemporary problems of our society and the regard in them centers round the psychological development of characters. The Gandhian ideology of self-sufficient which is considered as the superstructure element of the Indian life has become the centrality of all his novels. Arun Joshi records the constant shifting of angst and mental dispositions which are common elements of the protagonist in all his novels with varying emphasis.
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