International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2020)

Biodiversity in the writings of Ruskin bond

Author(s): Sunita Bhola
Abstract: This paper aims at discussing extensively the teeming world of flora and fauna as described by Ruskin Bond in his writings. He is more like an expert botanist and has recorded in his writings the numerous varieties of trees, flowers and shrubs that cover the hills. He takes his readers on an adventurous trip to the mountains and he informs them how the flora changes dramatically as one ascends the foothills, then the temperate zone and then even higher. Simultaneously fauna has also been elaborately described by Bond ranging from the smallest insect, to the largest of animals as elephants and tigers. This paper aims at exploring the various dimensions of biodiversity in the works of Ruskin Bond. His works are imbued with in-depth search on plants and animals of the Himalayan region. Ruskin Bond, an icon among Indian writers of English and known as Indian Wordsworth in prose, grew up with an awareness of his ‘natural surroundings’. Most of Bond’s work is based on the biodiversity spread across beautiful Himalayan hills. Bond himself proclaims that he is keen nature lover. He finds solace in her lap and loves to writes about her. According to bond, his relationship with nature is eternal and with every passing day it keeps on renewing and he feels more close to her. His heart is closest to the celestial hills and mountains in Garhwal region.
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