International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

Vol. 6, Issue 4 (2020)

English for specific purposes: Its relevance and importance for engineering students

Author(s): Y Vidyavathi Devi
Abstract: Importance for English communication skills has increased due to globalization. Ability to communicate effectively in the fields, like Aviation, Nursing, Medicine, Hotel Management, Business management, Engineering, Pharmaceutical sciences etc; to satisfy the demands of organization is required. Out of various fields there is major demand for engineering courses because of wide job opportunities. It is imperative for Students and professional engineers to learn to give Presentations, Attend Interviews, prepare CV'S/ Resumes, drafting Business Letters, drafting Technical reports etc. In most of the working situations the employers are not satisfied with the communication skills of their employees. This happens because English has been taught and learnt for General Purposes (EGP) from school level to junior college level. Learning EGP at advanced level cannot meet the employer’s needs. Hence it is realized to acquire language skills in the context of 'English for specific purposes'(ESP) at higher level of learning. It is the need of the hour to focus more on improving the specific skills required for work place. ESP approach can fulfill these demands. ESP teaching is done in the learner centered process. Therefore, this paper attempts to explain the importance and relevance of ESP, for engineering students for their bright future.
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