International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

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A study on developing reading skills of engineering students through WhatsApp as motivational strategy
Pages: 01-04  
Learning English for employability
Pages: 05-06  
English language as a panacea
Pages: 07-09  
Psyche of a common man in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger
Pages: 10-11  
The cruelty of mainstream education and the social conditions of natives with reference to Beatrice Culleton’s in search of April Raintree
Pages: 12-13  
Neutralization in Antonymic Sets
Pages: 14-16  
Environmental advocacy in Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams
Pages: 17-19  
Prospective study of folk literature: Cultural identity
Pages: 20-22  
Confessional mode in the works of Sylvia Plath
Pages: 23-24  
Culture and its introspective issues in Chetan Bhagat’s novels
Pages: 25-26  
Depiction of realistic panorama of our society by R.K. Narayan
Pages: 27-29  
Current situation and countermeasures of early childhood family parent-child reading and English Education in China
Pages: 30-32  
Sarojini Naidu’s poems on Indian communities: An assessment
Pages: 33-34  
Foucauldian exploration of K Ajitha’s autobiography
Pages: 35-38  
A study on facilitative role of body language in the Iranian english as a foreign language learners’ achievement
Pages: 39-46  
A quest for autonomy in marriage: A study of Anita Desai's novels
Pages: 47-49  
The self and its existence in the present social order: A study of Manoj Das’s the escapist
Pages: 50-52  
Re-writing the world: A spectroscopic reflection in William Shakespeare’s oeuvre, Macbeth: A critical review
Pages: 53-55  
A positive acknowledgement on colonialism as a blessing in disguise in Chinua Achebe’s and other selected african oeuvre: A critical elucidation
Pages: 56-61  
Annihilation of human beings in Pakistani society: The link between past and present violence with reference to Sidhwa’s “Ice Candy Man”
Pages: 62-66  
Study of the marginalized in the play on a muggy night in Mumbai by Mahesh Dattani
Pages: 67-69  
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