International Journal of English Research

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Love in the poetry of Emily Dickinson
Pages: 01-03  
The relationship of power and futility in Shelly’s Ozymandias: A new understanding for modern people
Pages: 04-05  
Submissive and rebellious women: A study of Nayantara Sahgal’s select novels
Pages: 06-07  
The effect of extensive reading on students’ performance in reading comprehension and summary writing
Pages: 08-11  
Introspective rediscovery of self in Shahi Deshpande’s that long silence
Pages: 12-14  
Philosophy of Humanism in Anand
Pages: 15-16  
Orwell’s early experiences on Communism with specific reference to Animal Farm
Pages: 17-20  
The Russian revolution and Orwell’s animal farm: A parallel study
Pages: 21-23  
The discourse of domesticity in the nineteenth century British novel
Pages: 24-27  
A critical analysis of Doris Lessing’s The Grass is singing
Pages: 28-29  
Knowledge is not one cixousian non-knowledge in selected stories of Lydia Davis
Pages: 30-34  
Tale of headman’s daughter in kamala Markandaya’s nectar in a sieve
Pages: 35-37  
Gender biases and marginalized depiction of characters in arundhati roy’s the god of small things
Pages: 38-40  
The equivalence of metaphora categories in business news articles found in Kompas and the jakarta post newspapers
Pages: 41-45  
Am i my brother’s keeper? buddy approach in improving students’ attendance
Pages: 46-51  
Robert frost as a regional poet
Pages: 52-54  
The Night of the Scorpion: A Study on the supremacy of Indian Superstition
Pages: 55-56  
The effect of the rising tone on the meaning of “Now” and “Ehen” in Nigerian Spoken English
Pages: 57-61  
A quest for identity, space and culture in the works of V.S. Naipaul
Pages: 68-72  
The method of linguistic and cognitive analysis of composition of the text of J.K. Rowling’s tales
Pages: 73-76  
Emily Dickinson’s concept of Death: A note of paradox
Pages: 77-80  
Totalizing power Grids: Using elite theory in Player Piano
Pages: 81-84  
Gender Norms and Gender Identity: Review of alternative perspectives
Pages: 85-88  
John Galsworthy’s Swan song: A critical study
Pages: 89-91  
Assertive power: as portrayed in Nayantara Sahgal’s: A situation in New Delhi
Pages: 92-94  
Attitude and readiness of teachers in the use of interactive whiteboard (IWB) in teaching English
Pages: 95-103  
The impact of teacher's verbal interaction in the classroom on Iranian student’s proficiency level
Pages: 104-109  
Ted Hughes’ “The Horses”: expanding poetic canvas through the prism of shamanism
Pages: 110-112  
The impact of computer assisted implicit corrective feedback on narrative writing ability of Intermediate EFL learners
Pages: 113-119  
Teaching English through extensive reading and its impact upon the writing proficiency skills of ESL learners
Pages: 120-124  
Portrayal of Thomas Hardy’s Life element in his novel The Return of the Native
Pages: 125-129  
Insight into Walt Whitman`s mind
Pages: 130-132  
Mukhtar Mai: Transition from bruised to the brave
Pages: 133-134  
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