International Journal of English Research

ISSN: 2455-2186

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Revisiting the Story of Sleeping Beauty: A study of Personality Development of Maleficent in Elizabeth Rudnick's Maleficent
Pages: 01-03  
Teaching EFL beginners metacognitive writing strategies through Tamer-Aien writing module
Pages: 04-11  
Themes in medical discourse: A discourse pragmatic approach
Pages: 12-19  
ESL teacher, student, and parent perceptions about barriers and criteria for using educational mobile applications to develop the language skills of ESL elementary school students
Pages: 20-32  
The use of modern technological tools in language teaching at Sudanese basic education: (A case study of grade seven)
Pages: 33-39  
The effect of digital storytelling on reinforcing reading and listening skills through video for EFL young learners at basic education in Sudanese schools, grade seven supervised
Pages: 40-47  
EFL writing students’ subjective needs in writing: An overview on the teaching and learning practice
Pages: 48-56  
Genre analysis of conclusion of research articles of Pakistani and foreign research articles on code-mixing and code switching: A comparative study
Pages: 57-60  
Stylistics analysis of the poem “You start dying slowly” by Pablo Neruda
Pages: 61-65  
Investigating ESL reading difficulties at undergraduate level
Pages: 66-70  
Cultural clash in Wole Soyinka's play: The Lion and the Jewel
Pages: 71-77  
Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Toni Morrison’s Beloved: A postcolonial reading
Pages: 78-81  
Elements of Neocolonialism in the “Divergent” by Veronica Roth
Pages: 82-88  
Class clashes in “The Hunger Games”: A Marxist study
Pages: 89-97  
Thematic analysis of ‘Everyday Use’ short story by Alice Walker
Pages: 98-100  
Mirabai and the Poetry of Protest
Pages: 101-103  
A systemic functional analysis of doctor-patient verbal discourse
Pages: 104-109  
Women liberation in male-dominated society: A critical discourse analysis of Bayo Adebowale's Lonely Days
Pages: 110-115  
Socio-cultural and linguistic problems in translation of Marathi plays into English
Pages: 116-118  
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